Monday, April 2, 2012

Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants

Time Tunnel 1 splash: Tony Newman and Doug Phillips tumbling through time

On these two titles from Gold Key—tie-ins to science fiction TV shows produced by Irwin Allen—the writer credits are as straightforward as on Girl from UNCLE: one writer on each.

Art on both titles came from Tom Gill. I can't tell how much was contributed by John Verpoorten, who's known to have assisted Gill on Time Tunnel; Ted Galindo pencilled for Gill on Land of the Giants. The Time Tunnel covers were paintings by George Wilson; Giants used photo covers.

The Time Tunnel

Feb/67#1 The AssassinsPaul S. Newman
The Lion or the Volcano?Newman
Mars CountdownNewman
July/    #2 The ConquerorsNewman
The CaptivesNewman

Land of the Giants

Apr/68#1 The Mini-CriminalsDick Wood
Jan/69#2 Countdown to EscapeWood
Mar/    #3 Giant Damsel in DistressWood
June/    #4 Safari in GiantlandWood
Sep/    #5 Operation Mini-SurgeonWood

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