Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beverly Hillbillies Writer

BH 10 line-drawn cover: Clampetts and robot

The TV title The Beverly Hillbillies is the fourth longest-running title after Combat, Ghost Stories, and Alvin for Dell following its split with Western Publishing. All covers are photos except for #10 by Gene Colan (as noted in the GCD). #18 is the only issue with three individual stories; other issues may include chapter titles in multi-part stories.
I'd hazard that the one-page inside-cover stories in the early issues, that I haven't listed, were all written by Arneson; the art anomaly among them is that the IFC to #3 was drawn by Fraccio and Tallarico, not the main story's Henry Scarpelli.

#19-21 (inevitably, as Dell limps into the early Seventies) reprint #1-3.

The Beverly Hillbillies

Written by D.J. Arneson; pencilled by Bill Fraccio; inked and lettered by Tony Tallarico

June/63#1 Some Neighborly Help
Sept/    #2 Live Elegant

Written by Arneson; drawn by Henry Scarpelli

Dec/    #3 Community Chaos
Mar/64#4 Culture Vultures
June/    #5 Holiday Havoc
Sept/    #6 Treasure Hunt
Dec/    #7 The Show Must Go On
Mar/65#8 Jed's Birthday
June/    #9 Circus Daze
Sept/    #10 My Son, the Monster
Dec/    #11 The Call of the Jungle
Mar/66#12 Jed's Little Dream House
June/    #13 Flyin' Granny
Sept/    #14 Summer Camp Capers
Dec/    #15 Crazy Cruise
Mar/67#16 Hold That Line
May/    #17 Pass the Skis, Please
Aug/    #18 Granny's Goodie-Wagon
Inferior Decorating
Jethro's Great Romance


  1. I've never seen that Colan cover before. I wonder if someone else drew the robot, though. It doesn't look like Colan's style. Granny's face may also have been altered a bit as well.

  2. Nick, Colan was stuck with Henry Scarpelli's design of the robot; I don't know how much of his style he could impose on it. Whether there was some inker involved is a good question, although the background three figures strike me as full Colan art. On his interior work for Dell, on Burke's Law and Ben Casey, he inked himself.