Thursday, March 1, 2012

Woolfolk Records Update 4

When I looked at a run of Police Comics in 1945-46, I found #51 the only place where this Manhunter story could fit; the stories just after are by Woolfolk (on his records) and, going by the style, the ones just before are by Joe Millard. #51's is in Woolfolk's style.

SangorShop tracked down "My Hero" soon after I had posted it with publication data unknown. Bob Hughes found "Millionaire Island" when I couldn't.

I've also updated the post just before this one, Woolfolk Records 1954/05 and /06, with info from SangorShop.

May 1945
10 pg Manhunter"Crime Declares an Armistice" Police 51, Feb/46

June 1953

12 Batmancrime hotel
"Millionaire Island" Detective 202, Dec/53
July 1953

Hero of My Heartshy librarian falls for school hero
"My Hero" Love Diary 39, Jan/54

I hope to see the Woolfolk records that I didn't transcribe appear somewhere in the future; I'd certainly be interested in them. Again, my thanks to Marc Svensson and to Donna Woolfolk for access to the ones I did.

Now I'll be dropping my posting frequency from three times a week; I had all the Woolfolk posts written out before I started blogging, so I'd already spent the time on them. I want to put The Terrible Troll and future novels before potential readers in more places on the Web; blogging has to give up some time for that.

Terrible Troll art: airship Hindenburg at rest on airfield, with image of burning Hindenburg breaking through
Some of the marketing advice about ebooks is to keep experimenting with covers, blurbs, and pricing. I'm trying a new cover on Troll; I far prefer a pulp-style painting, but does that attract readers nowadays? I'll mention for those who don't own an actual Kindle that the Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac applications are free downloads from Amazon.

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