Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Manhunter Artist

Police 55 Manhunter splash page

Shoehorned into the bloc of Manhunter stories in Quality's Police Comics pencilled by Pete Riss around 1945-46 is one by another artist (and by a writer I can't ID). The penciller of "The Black Pirate," in #55 (June/46), had done a few stories for Quality a couple of years earlier. His work is pretty distinctive at other companies, but Quality's inkers imposed a certain house style. On the close shots of Patrolman Dan Richards, like the one in the circular panel here, the inker is trying very hard to make this artist's work match that of Riss.

Police 55 Manhunter sequence

The figures of the character Ricardo are the giveaway that this story was pencilled by 20-year-old Joe Kubert.


  1. Still not necessarily agreeing with you that this Manhunter artist is Pete Riss. I do agree that the Superman story, Quicksilver Kid is not by Sam Citron. It doesn't look anything like the other Superman stories attributed to Citron and may very well be Riss. (I've just been in the middle of correcting all the Manhunter art attributions in the GCD and your blog has cause a sort of train wreck in my progress.) If this artist turns out to be Riss who's the other guy who did Kid Eternity and gave everybody fat noses?

  2. I wish I knew! There are other artists at Quality that I'm sure I should recognize behind the house-look inking, but on most of the Kid Eternity art I can't even claim that little.