Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Bernstein's Last Run on Crime Does Not Pay (and Bonus Artists)

Finishing up Robert Bernstein's scripts for Crime Does Not Pay; the title ended with #147. (It went under the Comics Code with #143.)

CDNP 145 Saturday Night Gang Giordano-Alascia

But first: while going over the last issues I made a few artist IDs. When I saw Dick Giordano's earliest stuff at Charlton it seemed to me there was a George Evans influence. Sure enough, a Giordano/Vince Alascia job at Lev Gleason has been miscredited in the Grand Comics Database to Evans--"The Fall of the Saturday Night Gang," shown above. Giordano/Alascia have "Unheeded Warning" in the next issue, CDNP 145, correctly attributed to them, and their story in 146, "The Big Mop-Up," is signed.

A few Crime Does Not Pay artists

Apr/55 144  The Fall of the Saturday Night Gang p: Dick Giordano

    i: Vince Alascia
May/     145  Cornered: The Furious End of Vic Banner a: Ed Robbins
July/     147  Mighty Rookie a: Robbins

Crime Does Not Pay Anthology Stories
Written by Robert Bernstein

Feb/53 119  Mad Dog Coll, the Mad Gunman
Mar/     120  The Brady Gang
  Cut Rate Murder
May/     122  Set for the Kill
June/     123  Hymie Weiss, Dynamo of Hate
    "Lucky Joe" Masseria, Bullet Dodger
Aug/     125  The Hair-Raising Career of Massacre Mad Frank Nash
Sep/     126  Killers from the Sticks
    Kill-Crazy Fred "Banjo" Blore
Oct/     127  Dead Man's Revenge
Nov/     128  Chuck Dorset's Rage Against Death
Dec/     129  Bill Flint, the Lone Wolf
Mar/54  132  I Beg Your Pardon
June/      135  The Crook Who Set His Own Trap
Sep/      137  Mike "Straw Hat" Vanek and His Steel Coffin
    The Bloody Saga of the Chetter Brothers
Oct/      138  The Scapegoat
Nov/      139  Eyewitness
    Joe Mosdek, the Master Dealer
    A Cop's Last Fight
Feb/55 142  The Vengeful Big "Truck" Brown
    Nickel Fare to Doom

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