Thursday, September 1, 2022

Robert Bernstein Starts Out on Crime Does Not Pay

'Eeeiii' Bonnie Parker CDNP 57

Flipping through Crime Does Not Pay, I'll stop to recheck a story for more Robert Bernstein clues once my eye has been caught by his typical exclamations like "Eeeiii" and "Iiiieee." This tier is from "Bonnie Parker" in #57.

"Ghouls' Gold," possibly Bernstein's first published comic book story, is given a rare credit line. He wrote for CDNP and other titles for the publisher, Lev Gleason, from 1943 to 1955; here's the first part of a listing.

I haven't seen CDNP 46 and 54.

Crime Does Not Pay Anthology Stories
Written by Robert Bernstein

Jan/46 43  Ghouls' Gold
Mar/     44  Mrs. Bluebeard
Sep/     47  A Weird Weekend (WHO DUNNIT?)
Nov/     48  The Greedy Gunman
    Mutiny on the Rock
Jan/47  49  Devil's Diary
    Mother of Murderers
    Brother Rats
Mar/     50  The Kill-Crazy Fleagle Brothers
    Danny Iamascia, Dutch Shultz's Triggerman
    The Invisible Killer (WHO DUNNIT?)
May/     51  The Hoover Brothers
    Pretty Boy Floyd, the Two-Faced Terrorr
    Washed in Blood
    Who Dunnit?
July/     53  Carlo Barone, the Murderous Bully
    Dr. Holmes, the Master of Murder Castle
    Death Stalks the Diamond (WHO DUNNIT?)
Sep/     55  Louis Lepke Buchalter
    "Shoe-Box" Annie
Oct/     56  The True Story of Big Mouth Nick Luciano
Nov/     57  Bonnie Parker
    The Wild Spree of the Laughing Sadist--Herman Duker
    Case of the Murdered Bathing Beauty (WHO DUNNIT?)
Dec/     58  Thomas Dun, Single-Handed Killer of Thousands
Jan/48 59  Vic Everhart, the Kill-Crazy Scoundrel
    Alvin Karpis
    Cut Rate Murder
    Financier of Death
Feb/     60  Verne Miller
    Who Dunnit?
    Was She a Monster?
Mar/     61  Clay Fogelman, Meanest Man of Crime
    Who Dunnit?
Apr/     62  William Nevinson, the Terror of the Roads
    William Bonney, Alias Billy the Kid
June/     64  Walter Legenza the Gangster
    Robert James
Aug/     66  The Savage Genna Brothers--Bootleggers
    Dick Richards
    Who Dunnit?
Sep/     67  Once There Were Three Killers from Brooklyn...
    The End of the Deadly O'Malley Gang
Oct/     68  Little Hymie Nabosco
    Belle Shirley, the Angel-Faced She-Devil
Nov/     69  The Gruesome Foursome--Including Emil, the Half-Wit

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  1. Didn't see anything in those 2 issues that leaped out at me as Bernstein, but I'll look again.