Saturday, January 22, 2022

Dick Wood and Mr. Crime

CDNP 35 'Suffering Hannah,' 'Ho, folks'

Dick Wood was credited for any number of stories in Crime Does Not Pay at Lev Gleason, but by no means all. This is a list of his anonymous ones that I've found. There are CDNP issues missing here that haven't been scanned yet. Scarce due to Forties paper drives? Fifties comic book burnings?

Dick Wood is recognizable by expressions like "Suffering Hannah," and in Crime Does Not Pay he has an even easier-to-spot characteristic on some stories. Starting with the bylined story "The True Life Story of 'Pretty Boy Floyd'" leading off #27, when he uses narrator Mr. Crime, very often the latter prefaces a speech or caption with "Ho, folks," or "Ho, Pretty Boy" to the protagonist, or just "Ho," all with a comma--"Ho, and where is he now?" The tiers are from the bylined story "One-Man Crime Wave" in #35.

I've mentioned Wood's use of the exclamation "Kazar" in The Claw, Jigsaw, and The Phantom; here he uses it in, for instance, "The True Story of Jean Cavillac" in #31 and "Wild Beasts of Paris" in #38--and it's after seeing it here that I realize it's meant for "Huzzah."

Dick Wood scripts without byline

May/   27  The Dead-Eye Romeo
    The Strange Saga of Rafael Red Lopez
Sep/   29  The True Story of "Two-Gun" Crowley
Nov/    30  The Texas Terrors
    Crime Close-Ups
Jan/44 31  The True Story of Jean Cavillac
    The Million Dollar Robbery
Mar/    32  The Man Who Loved Murder
    SeƱorita of Sin
    Playboys of Crime
Jan/45 37  10 Years of Terror: Vincent Piazzero
    Case of the Confident Killer
    The Singing Slayer
Mar/     38  The Meek Murderer
    Murder by Night
    Wild Beasts of Paris
May/     39  Blonde Queen of Crime
    The Case of the Tell-Tale Watch
    The Crime of Terry Almodovar
Sep/     41  The Cocksure Counterfeiter
    Who Dunnit?
Jan/46 43  Case of the Love Sick Clown
    Doctor of Evil
Mar/     44  The True Story of "Legs" Diamond
    Death on the Tracks
May/     45  The True Story of John Dillinger
    The Fire Fiend
    Crime of the Friendly Enemy
Sep/      47  Thug's Throne
    The Horrible Halzingers
Jan/47  49  The Case of the Voodooed Hangars
Mar/      50  The Belmont Bandit


  1. I believe that all the issues through #61 have been reprinted by Dark Horse, and the PD website Digital Comics Museum has all the rest of them (and many of the earlier ones). So you should be able to find them, or have someone look for Ho Kazar.

  2. The Digital Comics Museum's gaps--22,23,33,36 etc.--are the issues I figure for unscanned. The Dark Horse reprints are something to consider, though--they show that copies of the comics must be around somewhere.

  3. #33: Career of Carrington Hill: Wood
    Four Crooks and a Coffin: Wood
    Nolan the Notorious: Wood
    More to come!

  4. One characteristic of Wood: His characters sometimes say "Shud up!" instead of "Shut up!"

  5. #36: "Phantom in the Fire": Wood

  6. #40: "The Last Laugh of the Lone Wolf Bandit": Wood

  7. darkmark, thanks for filling in these issues!