Friday, October 25, 2019

Leo Dorfman's Four-Color Classics

Now that I've seen all the Four-Color movie issues, I believe this is close to a full listing of Leo Dorfman's scripts on them--a handful out of the grand total of over a hundred produced by Western before the numbering ended in 1962. (I don't find any Dorfman movie comics after the switchover to Gold Key.)

The Boy and the Pirates
These tiers from "The Boy and the Pirates" (art by Tom Gill) showcase a typical Dorfman caption: In the next frightening moment... and the like. In this issue he uses Just then... a couple of times, and a number of captions beginning with As.

I've mentioned before how an early-Seventies Murray Boltinoff letters page referred to "The Vikings" and others as "classics in comics," instantly leading fandom to conclude that Dorfman had written for Gilberton when it was Western and Fawcett he did movie adaptations for.

Leo Dorfman scripts on
Movie Four-Colors

Jun/56 709  The Searchers
Sep/     741  The Fastest Gun Alive
Jan/57 762  The Sharkfighters
Jul/     815  Dragoon Wells Massacre
Sep/     831  No Sleep Till Dawn
Jun/58 910  The Vikings
Jun/60 1117  The Boy and the Pirates
Jun/     1118  The Sword and the Dragon
Oct/     1148  I Aim at the Stars