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Jack Mendelsohn Art and Scripts on Terrytoons Comics

MMFCM 2 Gaston Le Crayon

Above is a page from "The Corny Dream," the Gaston Le Crayon story in Mighty Mouse Fun Club Magazine #2 (Winter/57, Pines). Jack Mendelsohn previews the kid's drawing style he'll use on his syndicated strip Jacky's Diary, in this story of the old-time melodrama characters Gaston has drawn who escape his easel.

Mendelsohn was solely a writer on strips like Candy and Marmaduke Mouse at Quality, and Angel and Supermouse at Pines. When Pines acquired the Terrytoons titles, though, all his work that I've seen so far on those books was done as writer/artist. His writing style is a little different to match his art style—storybookish, mostly with captions in the past tense—but consistent throughout his Terrytoons work. For a sampling of his work I've listed issues I've seen so far that include his Tom Terrific scripts/art. He has only one story in Tom's own book. He's in later issues of MMFCM as well as in the other Terrytoon titles; in addition to the features here he also worked on Heckle and Jeckle, and Dinky Duck.

Below is the sure signal of Mendelsohn's art style: the freeform windows and the Platonic ideal of a lamppost in his cityscape backgrounds.

MMFCM 2 Mighty Mouse

Jack Mendelsohn scripts/art in

Fall/57 How the Mighty Mouse Fun Club Was Organized... [MIGHTY MOUSE]

Peculiar Picnic [TOM TERRIFIC]
Monkey Business [GASTON LE CRAYON]
The Elf's Money [CLINT CLOBBER]
Strange Footprints [FLEBUS]
Win/    cover
Guests from the Stars [MIGHTY MOUSE]
The Corny Dream [GASTON LE CRAYON]

Ancient China [TOM TERRIFIC]
A Day in the Attic [CLINT CLOBBER]
The Reluctant Pup [FLEBUS]


Spr/58 The Land of Strange Discoveries

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  1. Relying solely on memory, I recall everyone of the artists on Pines' Terrytoon comics to be artists at Terrytoons. I've not read anywhere if someone at Terrytoons was packaging this material for Pines, but Pines had used shops before and during this time period. If they used a packager for this material, then that would certainly explain why he was a writer for some Pines comics, but a writer-artist for the Terrytoons comics. (Hope I added enough disclaimers)