Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dorothy Woolfolk on Love Diary #11-20--"Oh, glory!"

These are the stories in Love Diary #11-20 that I'm sure are written by Dorothy Woolfolk; there are others I still have down with a question mark. All three panels here with her trademark "Oh, glory" come from different points in the same story: "Prisoner of Love."

Love Diary 13 'Oh, glory' x 3

The stories plotted by William Woolfolk I already included on my transcriptions of his records, working them out from his descriptions. There were four more stories he plotted for Dorothy mentioned in the record book but with no descriptions; those would fall somewhere around #10-16.

Love Diary scripts by
Dorothy Woolfolk included in #11-20

Dec/50 #11  Wedding Dress for Sale
Mama's Girl
Jan/51 #12  John's Other Love
Poor Little Rich Girl
Someday I'll Find You
Big City Girl
Feb/     #13  Prisoner of Love
I Was a Fat Girl
Not Meant for Love
Mar/     #14  I Was a Pick-Up
Apr/      #15  I Loved a No-Good Guy
June/      #17  Back Alley Girl [plotted by William Woolfolk]
I Was a Slave to Tradition [plotted by William]
July/       #18  Betrayed  [plotted by William]
They Called Me Spitfire
Lonely for Love
Aug/       #19  The Cheat [plotted by William]
My Reckless Moment [plotted by William]
Sep/       #20  Sailor's Sweetheart
Ladies Man

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  1. Martin,

    I've added Dorothy Woolfolk's credits to the GCD.