Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Scooter Artist from the Madhouse

Teen humor again, but this time to ID an artist on Swing with Scooter not previously known to have worked at DC.

Gus Lemoine first signed his name on Fitzgerald's 1976-77 Fast Willie Jackson. Art spotters have worked backward to identify him on Archie's Madhouse. These concurrent Scooter stories match up with that style--right down to the low-rent "chicken fat" of the signs (Madhouse 64, Oct/68, probably contains the most Lemoine pages in one issue). Maybe he's inking himself somewhere among the Archie and DC stories, but I couldn't say where.

Scooter 14 seems to be Howie Post's only issue writing the feature. The Sylvester story's art is signed by Henry Scarpelli.

The Win Mortimer story I list here has been miscredited to Bob Oksner (the inker has been correctly IDed as Tex Blaisdell). There's a hiatus between this first story of Mortimer's for Scooter and his run on the feature in, mostly, #21-30.

Swing with Scooter

June-July/68 13  Oh, Happy, Happy, Here's Cap'n Clappy p: Win Mortimer
Aug-Sep/     14  Sylvester...Son of Ahbu w: Howie Post
Sir Scooter...Dragon Slayer w: Post  p: Gus Lemoine
Better Never Than Late w: Post  p: Lemoine


  1. small digression...
    Thje New York Times today published publisher Fitzgerald's obituary:

  2. And for the record, you don't think that Lemoine (or LeMoine) is the same person as Scarapelli, right? After all the internet says they are.

  3. I remember when the thought was that Lemoine was Stan Goldberg, from his evolved style on Fast Willie Jackson. No, Scarpelli's pencils don't look anything like Lemoine's to me.

    1. I'm hardly one to doubt the esteemed Mr O'Hearn (whose knowledge in such matters is second to none), but I do note Lemoine's work at Archie ends at the time Scarpelli starts getting work there.
      Perhaps it's coincidence and I'm totally wrong, in which case it's my bad...

    2. Now if you'd mentioned Doug Crane, who came out of nowhere, I'd think you might have something--I've seen stuff signed by Crane where I wondered if Lemoine might be ghosting pencils for him.