Friday, March 11, 2016

Stanley and His Monster under Joe Orlando

Stanley and His Monster was only one issue old (having displaced The Fox and the Crow in their own title after a couple of years as a front-of the-book "back-up" feature) when the editorship and the format changed. Issue 109, the last under Murray Boltinoff, contained a full-length story with credits for Arnold Drake (the feature's sole writer since the first episode in Fox and the Crow 95), Bob Oksner, and Tex Blaisdell. As of 110, under Joe Orlando there were no writers' credits, and signatures for the story artists only in 111. The format became three stories per issue.

Orlando kept Oksner and Blaisdell for some stories, but did not use Drake. He went to Howie Post for scripts. The credits pasted onto '80s reprints for Drake are very likely sheer guesswork rather than from the records.

The inker on the Sekowsky story could be Tex Blaisdell, but Stanley's face throughout looks to be by a different hand. Why is there a comma in the title? Ask the Rolling Stones.

Stanley and His Monster written by Howie Post

Jun-Jul/68 110  Carnival Caper p: Bob Oksner   i: Tex Blaisdell
Camp Cru-m-bee's Pet Dog...Spot a: Henry Scarpelli
Music, Monster, Please p: Win Mortimer  i: Blaisdell
Aug-Sep/     111  Film Flam Man p: Oksner  i: Blaisdell
Badtime Story a: Scarpelli

Superhulk p: Oksner  i: Blaisdell
Oct-Nov/     112  Like Father, Like Son? a: Scarpelli
Painting the Town, Red p: Mike Sekowsky   i: Blaisdell?
All Kinds of Spot a: Scarpelli

In The Best of DC, out of inventory; written by Post

Oct/82 29  [PiƱatas] a: Oksner


  1. Martin, My first impression on seeing the splash to "I'm Painting the town, Red!" was "Howie Post inks?" Since he was scripting perhaps he doubled as inker.

  2. The thought did pass my mind, too, Nick, but I didn't put it in the post because, as with you, it was just an impression.