Friday, January 15, 2016

Dick Dillin on (Who Would Have Thought?) Blackhawk

During Dick Dillin's long run across two companies in the Fifties and Sixties on Blackhawk, he had to be spelled only a couple of times. In Blackhawk 210 (July/65) under the usual inker Chuck Cuidera's work (note the close-up in Panel 1), Jim Mooney steps in to pencil, as indexers were quick to notice (see notably the young women in Panel 3, although the men's poses are evidence of Mooney's work too).

BH 210 Part 2


Mooney didn't pencil all of "Danger--Blackhawk Bait." He did Part 2. Part 1 was pencilled by Dick Dillin:

BH 210 Part 1 'Aaah'
The main Blackhawk writers at this point are Ed Herron and Bob Haney; "Aaaah" and, elsewhere in the story, "Uuuuh", drawn out on the "a" or "u" rather than the "h", pinpoint this script as Haney's.


  1. Doesn't have anything to do with Blackhawk, but do you have any writing traits for David Vern?

  2. I don't have my original list of his traits with me, but glancing again at a couple of his stories, I'd say that "All at once" and "Without warning" are caption phrases that the other Batman writers of the time hardly use, if at all.