Friday, November 27, 2015

Riss on Gayle and Gayle

The Who's Who credits Pete Riss with Toni Gayle, the fashion model/amateur sleuth, at Premium. Since there are different indexers on different issues in the Grand Comics Database, some of Riss's Toni Gayle stories are IDed (those in Young King Cole and the fifth issue of Guns against Gangsters) and some aren't. The indexer who does ID those stories, citing the Who's Who for Riss, posits Janice Valleau as inker (I have no useful opinion there).

The Who's Who neglects to credit Riss for the spin-off strip, The Gunmaster—Gregory Gayle (Toni's police detective father). For each of Riss's Gunmaster stories in Guns against Gangsters, there's a Toni Gayle story by him in the same issue for comparison.

Pete Riss pencils
in Guns against Gangsters

Sept-Oct/48 v1 #1  The Green-Suit Murders
Nov-Dec/     v1 #2  The Sugar Bowl Murder
Jan-Feb/49 v1 #3  The Mystery of the Million-Dollar Carbine

in Young King Cole

May/48 v3 #10  She Scores Quite a Hit
June/     v3 #11  Mighty Thunder Falls
July/     v3 #12  Redstone Park

in Guns against Gangsters

Sept-Oct/48 v1 #1  Case of the Sacred Cobra
Nov-Dec/     v1 #2  The Case of the Fortunate Fiddle
Jan-Feb/49 v1 #3  The Case of the Fat Thin Man
Mar-Apr/     v1 #4  The Case of the Parisian Strangler
May-June/     v1 #5  She Gets in Dutch

in 4Most

Jan-Feb/49 v8 #1  More Than One Way to Win a Football Game

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