Thursday, August 13, 2015

Schaffenberger Romance at DC

GLS 178 Where the Action Is

I'm surprised Kurt Schaffenberger didn't do much more romance at DC than these stories (there are issues I haven't seen yet, so maybe there are a few). He does have a credited story later, in Young Love 124 (Mar/77).

Evidently others aren't expecting him there either, because his pencils on these two stories have gone unidentified. Nobody's made a guess on "Look before You Love;" and "Where the Action Is" (as seen above) has been attributed to Jay Scott Pike on pencils. Up to a point you can say "Vince Colletta" to explain it, but there's plenty of credited Schaffenberger/Colletta art on the superhero books in the Seventies for comparison; also for comparison, the story before "Where the Action Is" in GLS 178, "Play with Fire," is indeed (as attributed) Pike/Colletta.

Kurt Schaffenberger pencils on DC romance:

Falling in Love

Oct/72 137  Look before You Love w: Jack Oleck  i: Vince Colletta

Girl's Love Stories

Jul-Aug/73 178  Where the Action Is i: Colletta


  1. Vince Colletta's inks overwhelm nearly every penciller who he worked with. Even the great ones.

    I was not happy at all when he became regular inker over Curt Swan on Superman; he made even Phil "Tex" Blaisdell look good by comparison!

  2. I recall hearing that in the late Seventies and early Eighties, DC assigned the cheaper inkers to the more expensive pencillers to even things out and make the accountants happy. It shows particularly on Swan's work; I can think of only two occasional inkers from that time that I thought did his pencils any good.

  3. There was some of that but I think DC also had a paucity of good inkers...and a number of longtime freelancers who they felt obligated to keep giving work to. I also don't think there were many people in the industry who were capable of doing justice to Swan's pencils.