Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Unknown Aparo Art Again

Jim Aparo is in his first year of work at DC when Girls' Love Stories 142 (Apr/69) comes out. The general rule with the romance comics is anonymity, and here editor Jack Miller makes Aparo even more anonymous by assigning him an overwhelming inker, Bill Draut, on the story "Thrill-Chick." (There are none of the nonconventional, angled panel borders Aparo uses on Aquaman, either.)

Girls' Love Stories 142

I started looking over the late-60s/early-70s DC romance comics in search of possible Richard Hughes scripts, but haven't run across any so far. I can see stories by Robert Kanigher, Jack Miller, and Jack Oleck, but the other writers like Barbara Friedlander, Lee Goldsmith, and Phyllis Reed (as given in the Who's Who) I haven't been able to credit with stories at this point. I'm sure there are writers not yet connected with these books. In other words, I can't ID the writer of "Thrill-Chick."


  1. DC often used the romance comics from this period as a place to tryout new writers, including a number of relatives of folks on staff. If the janitor thought his daughter could write, they'd have told him to have her submit something for the romance titles. So I'm pretty sure there are a number of scripts that were done for these books by writers who received no other work or credit anywhere in comics and may therefore be unidentifiable.

  2. Your conclusion makes sense to me, Mark.