Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1952/09

This Magazine Is Haunted 13 -- The Man Who Lost His Head

From William Woolfolk's notebook recording script sales; I've added publication data in bold.

Fawcett and Orbit are his only two publishers again this month. He hasn't been told yet that Captain Marvel Jr.'s book is being cancelled.

September 1952 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

5 pg  The Death Fish an enchanted marlin who hunts fishermen
"Death Fish" This Magazine Is Haunted 14, Dec/53
10  Bill Battle flag of a fighter
"Death Warrant" Bill Battle 4, Apr/53
10  Captain Marvel Jr. country of giant rats
as Captain Marvel "The World of Giant Rats" CM Advs 145, June/53
Captain Marvel Jr. the vampire burglar
as Captain Marvel "CM and the Vampire Burglar" CM Advs 147, Aug/53
Too Smart Killer murderer who traps himself—too clever
"The Too Smart Killer" Wanted 53, Apr/53
Man Who Lost His Head a witch's curse does it
"The Man Who Lost His Head" TMIH 13, Oct/53
Mother Knows Best girl loves radical, has a prim mother
"Don't Change Our Love" Love Diary 35, June/53
10  Captain Marvel Jr. inventions that fail

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