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Woolfolk Records 1952/06

Doll Man 45 The Doom Box

Mostly Fawcett stories (and half of those for the horror anthologies), with two stories written for Quality and one for Orbit this month.

William Woolfolk's final Doll Man stories; his and Fawcett's final Ibis. The Ibis story Charlton published later in Danger and Adventure 22 must have been done new, not taken out of Fawcett inventory.

The Wanted 51 cover identifies "Holiday of Horror" as a Mausoleum of Weird Crimes installment, but the splash page doesn't.

June 1952 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk
6 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. Vampira & her gorilla
"CMJ Battles Vampira, Queen of Terror" CMJ 116, Dec/52
Captain Marvel Jr. hammer of hell
"CMJ and the Hammer of Hate" CMJ 118, Apr/53
10  Doll Man Radioactive Man
"Radioactive Man" DM 44, Feb/53
The Lonely One man keeps a corpse for company
"The Lonely One" Beware! Terror Tales 5, Jan/53
The Ghoul of Eldritch Manor man looking for a ghoul—which is himself
"The Ghoul at Eldritch Manor" BTT 5, Jan/53
Dracula's Daughter a Hollywood vampire queen—meets a real vampire
"Vampire's Daughter" Strange Stories from Another World 5, Feb/53
Ibis guardians of the tomb
"Ibis and the Guardians of the Tomb" Whiz 155, June/53
Captain Marvel Jr. guilty of murder
"Guilty of Murder" CMJ 119, June/53
10  Doll Man meets Metal Face
"The Man with the Iron Face" DM 45, Apr/53
10  They Are Watching You rodents are going to take over the world
"They Are Watching You" Worlds of Fear 9, Apr/53
Holiday of Horror case history of a drug addict
8  "Holiday of Horror" Wanted 51, Dec/52

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