Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1952/03

Police 121 Ken Shannon

Stories for Orbit, Quality, and Fawcett.

Finally a discernible reason for a title change: a non-William Woolfolk story published in Wanted 44, Jan/52, was already titled "Death Row."

S.O.S. for Love, again, is a continuing department with no individual story titles. (UPDATE: darkmark confirmed the following reasoning that had made me leave LJ 15, which I haven't seen, as merely a guess when I posted.) This one isn't in the same issue, Love Journal 16, as this month's story "Shameful Love"; 16's concerns a mother, but one who high-pressures her daughter's dates about marriage. The LJ 16 letters page identifies the previous issue's S.O.S. as from a man.

March 1952 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

3 pg  S.O.S. for Love mother wants to live with son
[untitled SOSFL] Love Journal 15, Aug/52
Ken Shannon the curse of the clawed killer
"Case of the Clawed Killer" Police 121, Nov/52
10  Death Row 5 men in death row
9  "5 Doors to Death" Wanted 51, Dec/52
Under Cover Club pages "Under Cover Club" Wanted
Wanted criminal Wanted
10  Monsters of the Mind man pursued by monsters of which he is one
"Monsters of the Mind" Strange Stories from Another World 4, Dec/52
Plastic Man the hounds of horror
"The Hounds of Horror" PM 39, Jan/53
Captain Marvel Jr. curse of the fire demon
"CMJ and the Curse of the Fire Demon" CMJ 115, Nov/52
Ibis an undertaker makes a zombie
"Ibis and the Undertaker's Revenge" Whiz 152, Dec/52
10  Shameful Love girl who falls for an alcoholic
"Shameful Love" L Journal 16, Nov/52
10  Doll Man the thing that killed
"The Thing that Killed" DM 43, Dec/52
Captain Marvel Jr. scientist from the future
"CMJ and the Scientist from the Future" CMJ 116, Dec/52
Dog That Cried Murder a killer who is haunted by a dead dog
Mausoleum of Weird Crimes "The Dog That Cried Murder" Wanted 49, Sept/52
Captain Marvel Jr. space voters
"CMJ and the Space Voters" CMJ 116, Dec/52
Coin of Killers coin that brings death to owners
6  "Coin of Killers" Wanted 50, Oct/52
10  Ken Shannon mansion of mangled men
"Mansion of Mangled Men" KS 8, Dec/52


  1. The SOS For Love is definitely the one in LOVE JOURNAL #15. It's reprinted in LOVE DIARY #48.