Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hersh and Goldman at Vulcan Comics

There's only one known copy of Vulcan Comics' Magnificent Thrill Comics 10 (Dec/39) in existence, and it's been sealed in a slab since 2000, even though it's in no better than good condition. The print run was pulped, aside from ten copies that made it to the Vulcan offices, and nine of those were thrown out shortly after. The comic was pulled when the Super Sleuth strip by Steve Hersh and Curly Goldman brought undue attention from another company's lawyers.

Magnificent Thrill isn't listed in Overstreet or on the Grand Comics Database, since it, Vulcan, Steve, and Curly are fictional. My novel Kings of the Comic Books reveals some of the secrets behind the early careers of Hersh & Goldman in the beginnings of the Golden Age. Did they become the kings of the comic book creators that Steve felt sure they'd be remembered as?

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  1. I have to put on my businessman's hat to say that it depends on the e-reader sales, Tony; the preproduction work for the print process, such as design in place of the formatting I've already done, would take time I'd rather spend now on writing the next book. I hope that eventually I can put out all formats--sorry to disappoint right now.