Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1948/06

Captain Marvel Adventures 93 cover Continuing my transcriptions of William Woolfolk's script sales records, scanned by Marc Svensson through the good graces of Donna Woolfolk; my additions of publication data are in bold.

Quality, Fawcett, and Orbit are still the steady buyers.

UPDATE: I assumed "The Fighting Cabbie" fitted into Wanted 16; but now that I've seen the issue, I find no cabbies.

If the Monte Hale stories are being published in roughly the order received, the only issue of Real Western Hero available for either of these is the unindexed issue 75; the stories in 74 and (the slightly changed title) Western Hero 76-78 are Woolfolk's, written in other months. With more slots to fill in each Monte Hale Western, that would be the better possibility. UPDATE: darkmark found the tournament story in the February MHW.

June 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

11 pg  Blackhawk crime conspiracy to take over the U.S.
"Criminal Number One" BH 24, Apr/49
Ibis Taia becomes an enchanted maiden at King Arthur's Court
"The Enchanted Maiden" Whiz 106, Feb/49
The Fighting Cabbie
Captain Marvel world's greatest lawyer
"The World's Greatest Lawyer" CM Advs 93, Feb/49
10  Doll Man Darrel Dane's double
"Darrel Dane's Double" Feature 133, Apr/49
Monte Hale gun runners
MH Western or Real Western Hero c. Feb/49
Captain Marvel book that contains all knowledge
"The Book of All Knowledge" CM Advs 93, Feb/49
11  Blackhawk the phantom bombers
"Captain Suicide" BH 24, Apr/49
Monte Hale tournament for marksmen
"The Killers' Tournament" MH Western 33, Feb/49
15  The Pony Express
14  as Wild Bill Pecos "The Pony Express" The Westerner 17, Dec/48
Ibis the gorgon's sisters
"Labyrinth of the Lost" Whiz 107, Mar/49


  1. Wonder if "tournament for marksmen" could be "Killer's Tournament" from MONTE HALE WESTERN #33?

  2. MHW 33 fits the release month very well, so I'll take it as a good guess.

  3. "Fort of Peril" in REAL WESTERN HERO #75 could be the "gun runners" story. No illegal gun running here, but Monte struggles to get ammo and arms to an Army fort to head off an Indian attack.