Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1948/01

Modern Comics 78 Blackhawk cover
Another month from William Woolfolk's records book of scripts sold; the companies who bought them were Timely, Quality, Fawcett, and Orbit.

Woolfolk's true crime stories in this period were paid at a number of page rates. Two that I can track down to Orbit's Wanted ("Jay Jostyn" in April 1947 and "The Black Hand" upcoming in March 1948) were paid at $7 and $8 the page. Of the stories I couldn't find, October's "Seeress of Murder" was $6, and November's two undescribed stories were $9 (the 7-pager) and $7 (the 13-pager). This month's was $8 per page. I'll note that Timely consistently paid Woolfolk $9 a page for the superhero and western stories; Fawcett and Quality's rates shifted with the feature or total number of story pages. I don't know if conclusions can be drawn.

UPDATE: SangorShop found the Pontiac story that I couldn't before I posted. My most likely suspect, in this paragraph before updating, was Orbit's The Westerner (the story was paid at $8); I believe this issue's details have only just made it to the Grand Comics Database.

As usual at this point, some Timely stories had pages added or subtracted by the time the script got to the artist. That may mean nothing more than that the number of panels per page was shifted about.

FURTHER UPDATE: I found the society gal Tom Mix story when I finally examined the issue; the title wasn't a help in IDing it!

January 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

5 pg Human Torchmedium brings back past
6 "The Man Who Could Foresee Doom" HT 31, July/48
15 Western Outlawconspiracy of Pontiac
12 "The Fighting Westerner" The Westerner 15, Aug/48
13 BlackhawkMadame Butterfly
"Madame Butterfly" Modern 78, Oct/48
Arizona Anniecardboard town
"The Town That Wasn't There" Wild West 2, July/48
Two-Gun Kidthe peace loving marshal
10 "No Guns for a Killer" Wild West 2, July/48
Ibisthe vampire twins
"The Vampire Twins" Whiz 101,  Sept/48
Sub-Marinerphantom troubadour
8 "Troubadour of Terror" HT 31, July/48
Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel's funeral
"Captain Marvel's Funeral" CM Advs 88, Sept/48
Captain MarvelBilly Batson's boyhood
"Billy Batson's Boyhood" CM Advs 88, Sept/48
11 Doll ManTom Thumb grows up
"Tom's Thumb" Feature 128, Nov/48
True CrimeWanted?
Captain Marvel Jr.the Sky Hawk
"Meets the Sky Hawk" Master 95, Sept/48
Sub-Marinera statue of mariner
"Monument to Murder" S-M 27, Aug/48
14 Doll Mansecret identity exposed
"The Noose" DM 19, Nov/48
Tom Mixsociety gal goes west
11"Gunfire Decision" Real Western Hero 70, Sept/48


  1. I suspect the Pontiac story is the one is The Westerner Comics #15 - http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/index.php?dlid=18520

  2. That would have to be it--thanks, SangorShop, and I've updated the post.