Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Writers: Ghost Stories 1-10

This is the first half of the run of new material in Dell's Ghost Stories. These issues are reprinted in order as #21-30. All the dates are shown as quarterly on the comics, so my Nov/62 is short for Sept-Nov/62, and so on.

I see three different writers on Ghost Stories 1; "The Monster of Dread End" and "The Black Stallion" are caption-heavy as anything in spots, but "The Werewolf Wasp" and "The Door" don't use a single caption between them. "The Door" moreover uses no sound effects and even makes do with a number of silent panels. I don't think John Stanley scripted the entire issue.

Ghost Stories 1: The Door--4 out of 6 panels silent

A few years ago, I mistakenly attributed Ghost Stories 2's scripts to Paul S. Newman. His stories appear in the second half of the run.

Ed Robbins drew "Dread End," and two unknown artists did the next two stories in #1. Gerald McCann was artist on "The Black Stallion" and then all stories in issues 2-5; Frank Springer drew #6-10.

The covers on these issues are by a number of painters whom I can't identify.

Ghost Stories 1 Writers

Nov/62#1 The Monster of Dread End...John Stanley
The Werewolf Wasp"GS 1"
The Door..."GS 2"
The Black StallionStanley

Ghost Stories
2-10 Writer: Carl Memling

June/63#2 37 Pounds of Devotion...
Phantom's Best Friend
The Thousand-Year-Old Bug
Portrait of...?
Sept/63#3 An Unforgettable Day
The Day the Soldiers Ran
Blood, Sweat and Fear
When Would Death Come for Daniel Du Prey?
Dec/63#4 To My Killer with Affection
Have I Been Here Before?
The Face in the Picture
Appointment with Sam Mara
Mar/64#5 Pelham's Prediction
Only Pantoro Knew
The Helping Hand
Who Was the Stranger?
June/64#6 Escape Act
The Last deMaudred
The Route to...?
Fight to the Finish
Sept/64#7 Larger Than Life
Blood Will Tell
The Magic Box
The Death Room
Dec/64#8 Piece of the Past
Needed: One Miracle
A Fistfull of Evil
Death and Beyond
Mar/65#9 Smasher of Idols
Beyond the Call of Duty
The Death Bone
The Tale of a Strange Dog
June/65#10 Image of Evil
My Uncle Has Green Leaves
A Terrible Surprise
The Last Laugh

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