Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Writers: Batman 151-163

This is the Batman run that ends when the New Look takes over in #164.

One difference between Bill Finger and Dave Wood in a number of their scripts is that Finger calls Batman the caped crime-fighter and Wood calls him the cowled crime-fighter. Another is that Finger does not use "Great gosh" or "Great grief" as Wood does.

The art on these stories is by Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris, with one exception: Moldoff inks himself on "Bat-Girl—Batwoman II" in #163 (one of Alfred's imaginary stories of the future).

Batman 163 panels: grown Dick Grayson, then entire future Batman family; pencils and inks by Moldoff

Batman 151-163 Writers

Nov/62151 Batman's New Secret IdentityBill Finger
The Mystery Gadget from the StarsJerry Coleman
Dec/    152 Formula for DoomFinger
The False Face SocietyFinger
Memorial to an AstronautFinger
Feb/63153 Prisoners of Three WorldsFinger
Mar/    154 Danger Strikes FourFinger
The Amazing Odyssey of Batman and RobinFinger
The Strange Experiment of Dr. DornFinger
May/    155 Batman's Psychic TwinDave Wood
The Return of the PenguinFinger
June/    156 The Secret of the Ant-ManFinger
Robin Dies at DawnFinger
Aug/    157 The Villain of the YearWood
The Hunt for Batman's Secret IdentityFinger
Sept/    158 Ace—the Super Bat-HoundWood
Secret of the Impossible PerilsFinger
Batman and Robin—ImpostorsWood
Nov/    159 The Great Clayface-Joker FeudFinger
The Boyhood of Bruce Wayne, Jr.Finger
Dec/    160 The Mystery of Madcap IslandFinger
The Alien Boss of Gotham CityWood
Feb/64161 The New Crimes of the Mad HatterWood
The Bat-Mite HeroWood
Mar/    162 The Batman CreatureWood
Robin's New Secret IdentityWood
May/    163 Bat-Girl—Batwoman IIFinger
The Joker JuryFinger


  1. This is the time in which I started reading Batman, and I got a lot of pleasure reading this list.

  2. This was certainly my personal Golden Age for Batman.