Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1953/10

Buster Crabbe 3 cover

As with last month DC, Orbit, and Lev Gleason bought scripts from Woolfolk.

This month's Prescription for Happiness installment at Orbit eluded me; Love Diary 41 or thereabouts would be the place to look.

I correctly attributed "The Terrible Trio" to Woolfolk by its style years ago, but around the same time mistakenly attributed Mysto to George Kashdan.

October 1953 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

12 pg BatmanJoker trades crooks a la baseball manager
"The Joker's Winning Team" Batman 86, Sep/54
The Ship on Shorefarmer learns in battle—Don't Give Up the Ship
"Dry-Land Battleship" All-American Men of War 10, Apr-May/54
Tenement Girla girl who wants to marry guy who can save her from tenements, but falls for rowdy
"Tenement Girl" Love Journal 23, Mar/54
Empty Saddlea former groom, who loves horses, proves his worth to southern gentleman in war
"Medal for a Saddle" Star Spangled War Stories 20, Apr/54
10 SupermanLuthor, Prankster & Toyman join against Superman
"The Terrible Trio" Superman 88, Mar/54
Buster Crabbethe strange case of the radioactive tiger
"The Strange Case of the Radioactive Tiger" BC 3, Apr/54
Prescription for Happinessguy wonders if his gal is nagging him
Love Diary
Stingy Sama soldier who saves odds & ends that prove useful
"Battle Junk" Our Army at War 25, Aug/54
I'm Dancing, Darlingballerina's love life
"Dance for Me, Darling" L Diary 41, Mar/54
Girl with a Pasta girl in scandal with a married man runs away to escape
"Girl with a Past" L Diary 41, Mar/54
Mystoall magicians are being killed. why?
"The Riddle of the Doomed Magicians" Detective 205, Mar/54

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