Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Explorers in the Unknown

This Gold Key series about the spaceship Hunter I, the back-up in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, serves as a dress rehearsal for the company's Star Trek for writer Dick Wood, artists Alberto Giolitti and company, Nevio Zecarra, and José Delbo. Star Trek 1 was cover-dated the month after Voyage 9.

Delbo's work here went unrecognized for a few decades. Here's a panel from his story.

Voyage 15 Explorers panel

Only the Explorers back-up story is new in issue 15; the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea story is a reprint.

Explorers in the Unknown—written by Dick Woodin Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Nov/66#6 Manhunt in SpaceGiolitti Studio
Feb/67#7 The Demons of the Deep SpaceNevio Zeccara
May/67#8 The Hostile AsteroidZeccara
Aug/67#9 The Graveyard of SpaceZeccara
Nov/67#10 Mystery of the Magnetized Planet Chapter IIZeccara
Feb/68#11 Mystery of the Magnetized Planet Chapter III: Uncertain Lift-OffZeccara
May/68#12 Prisoners of the "Jelly" PlanetZeccara
Aug/68#13 Chapter II: Prisoners of the "Jelly" PlanetZeccara
Nov/68#14 Prisoners of the Jelly Planet—Chapter 3Zeccara
June/69#15 Runaway AsteroidJosé Delbo

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