Friday, January 27, 2012

Adam-12 Writers

The two writers on Gold Key's TV tie-in Adam-12 are easy to tell apart by something that's used in almost every story about a police patrol car: sirens. Paul S. Newman's sirens go "Areeeee," John Warner's go "Whee-eeee." (How many times the letter e appears is changeable; I've seen "Areeee" as well from Newman. He wasn't counting as he hit the typewriter key, I'm sure.) There's also a certain amount of wheels skidding in a police-car series; Newman's go "Screech," Warner's "Scree-ee-ee." These siren panels are from each story in #2:

Adam-12 #2 panels: first story siren:'Areeeee', second story siren: 'Whee-eeee'

Art is by Jack Sparling except for the first issue, which is by Mike Roy. All issues have photo covers, and after #1 they incorporate pencil-and-ink images by Sparling taken from the stories.

Adam-12 Writers

Oct/73#1 The Wild WheelersPaul S. Newman
False AlarmNewman
Feb/74#2 Assassin's TargetNewman
The Lady and the LandlordJohn David Warner
May/74#3 Reason to LiveWarner
The ExperimentWarner
Aug/74#4 Gang WarWarner
Heat WaveWarner
Nov/74#5 But Not in Real LifeNewman
Satan's ChildrenNewman
Mar/75#6 Finger ManNewman
Behind the MaskNewman
May/75#7 The Old GuardNewman
Trouble in TowNewman
Aug/75#8 The CarnivalWarner
Help, MurderNewman
Nov/75#9 The TorchNewman
Smart AlecNewman
Feb/76#10 A Double LifeNewman
One Wild NightNewman

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