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Woolfolk Records 1953/05

World's Finest 67 cover
A lot has changed since 1947! This month William Woolfolk sold scripts to Orbit and DC.

I have no idea where or if Stinky Slinky (a skunk?) was published, but it was done for a third publisher. Woolfolk coded the scripts with the buyer's initials for awhile (D for DC and R for romance for Orbit, for instance); Stinky Slinky he coded F, so just perhaps it was meant for Fawcett's Funny Animals. Fawcett, of course, dropped their comic book line at this point. UPDATE: Yes, Stinky Slinky (who looks like, I suppose, a wolf) was in Funny Animals—the final Fawcett issue.

Woolfolk's war stories for DC have already been attributed (on the Grand Comics Database, for instance) since Mike Tiefenbacher found them from the other direction: on editor Julius Schwartz's production records of scripts bought for the titles he and Robert Kanigher edited.

"Prescription for Happiness" and "SOS for Love" were series whose installments went untitled. UPDATE: I since found the PFH.

May 1953 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

9 pg Stinky Slinkyposes as hare in a hare hunt
"Safe—by a Hare!" Funny Animals 83, Jan/54
10 Love Me, Love Me, Love Megirl likes all men—hates to settle for one
"Love Me! Love Me! Love Me!" Love Diary 38, Dec/53
10 SupermanLuthor—hero
"Luthor—Hero" Superman 85, Nov-Dec/53
Stinky Slinkytries to collect on Mr. Pooch's insurance
"Mr. Pooch's Policy" Funny Animals 83, Jan/54
Prescription for Happinessguy supports his family and so can't marry
[untitled PFH] L Diary 37, Oct/53
SOS for Loveguy she loves has a prison record
Love Journal
Wake Up—and Fight!a soldier who just wants to sleep
"Wake Up—and Fight!" Our Army at War 18, Jan/54
Swamp Girlgirl of swamps—no eligible men—falls for geologist
"Swamp Girl" L Journal 21, Nov/53
Topkickhates his sergeant, but as officer, realizes he's type he needs
"Turnabout" Star Spangled War Stories 17, Jan/54
12 SupermanMetropolis becomes a crime capital
"Metropolis—Crime Center" World's Finest 67, Nov-Dec/53
My Heart Couldn't Waitgirl makes soldier AWOL to marry him
"My Heart Couldn't Wait" L Journal 21, Nov/53
editing No Life of My Own"No Life of My Own" L Diary 38, Dec/53

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