Monday, January 23, 2012

Twilight Zone 11-15 Writers

"Way Out West—On Mars" in Gold Key's Twilight Zone 13 lifts the plot of Ray Bradbury's short story "Mars Is Heaven!"

TZ 13 'Way Out West--On Mars' tiers: 'The four from Earth move forward...into a realm that should be 35 million miles away...'

The art attributions are on the Grand Comics Database. I don't see myself how Reed Crandall's art looks any different on "Way Out West" than on any other story he inked himself; naming Alden McWilliams as inker strikes me as way out of left field. And "Moment of Decision," as I said last week, is pencilled by Jerry Grandenetti, inked by Bill Draut and Joe Orlando.

"TZ 3" is a writer who will show up in later TZ issues and in Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery on more four-page "strange but true" stories.

The Twilight Zone 11-15 Writers

May/65#11 The GremlinsDick Wood
The Island VisionWood
The Wanted One *Wood
(Wanted...Alive!) Doomsday in DustervilleWood
Ghost Ship of the SkiesWood
The Vision *Wood
Aug/65#12 The Shadow with ClawsLeo Dorfman
The Revolt of the MachinesDorfman
The Voice in the Mist *Dorfman
They Dwell among UsDorfman
Nov/65#13 The Man Who Could Read the FutureWood
The Man with My FaceWood
Way Out West—On MarsWood
Feb/66#14 The Day That VanishedWood
The Death Car"TZ 3"
The Lost GeniusWood
The Lost OasisDorfman
A Nightmare Tale *     ?
May/66#15 Moment of DecisionWood
Wipe Out the FuturePaul S. Newman
The Wheel of Light *Dorfman
Perfect PreservationWood
The Vision of MystirDorfman
The Prophet *     ?
(* single-page stories)

Leo Dorfman names a character Mystir at least one more time: in "The Voodoo Doom of Superman" in Action Comics 413 (June/72)--a story for which he was credited only in the letter column in 417.

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