Friday, January 6, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1953/06

Star Spangled War Stories 17 cover

This month, William Woolfolk sold scripts to Orbit and DC.

As I said last time, SOS for Love is a series whose installments are untitled, so one would have to see the comics themselves to find it. UPDATE: I couldn't find the Batman crime hotel story, as there's not enough information in the Fleisher Encyclopedia, but Bob Hughes tracked it down--looking at the comics themselves. FURTHER UPDATE: The SOS for Love in Love Journal 22 is titled on the cover, although I didn't connect it with this entry until I saw the story itself.

June 1953 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

10 pg Batmanmachines of menace
"The Machines of Menace" Batman 80, Dec-Jan/54
10 SuperboySuperboy—puppet
"The Puppet Superboy" Superboy 29, Dec/53
All Quiet3 men face danger on a day labelled "All Quiet"
"All Quiet" Star Spangled War Stories 17, Jan/54
He Was My Mangal loves a rotter
"He Was My Man" Love Journal 22, Jan/54
12 Batmancrime hotel
"Millionaire Island" Detective 202, Dec/53
Love in the Deserta girl torn between Arab lover, & white man
"Love in the Desert" L Journal 22, Jan/54
10 SupermanJimmy Olsen, mng editor
"Jimmy Olsen, Editor" Superman 86, Jan/54
Take-Charge Guyguy doesn't want to be an officer
"No Rank" Our Army at War 19, Feb/54
SOS for Lovegirl loves guy with a too-dangerous job
"Afraid to Marry" L Journal 22, Jan/54

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