Monday, January 9, 2012

Twilight Zone (Dell) Writer

Since darkmark got me a look at these issues, I'll backtrack and fill in the pre-Gold Key Twilight Zone. They're published by Dell but produced, like the Gold Key run, by Western Publishing.

They're numbered 1173, 1288 (those two in the Four-Color numbering), then 01-860-207, and 12-860-210. The fourth issue is misnumbered 01-860-210 in the indicia. 01 stands for fifteen cents and 12 for twelve cents; the price on Dells had just dropped back to the industry standard at this point.

George Evans has said that he and Reed Crandall sometimes swapped some pencilling and inking on a story, but here I'm listing the artist I see doing the most on pencils or inks. Hearing that Frank Frazetta inked Evans on the fourth issue, I give him the credit on the stories that look least like Evans' own inks. On "Hard-Luck Harvey," Joe Giella, not known to have worked at Western, is a wild guess on my part; but does this give anyone a feeling of Fifties Strange Adventures/Mystery in Space déjà vu?

TZ 01-860-270 art: Joe Giella pencils?, Frank Giacoia inks

The second issue cover painting is by George Wilson. Someone else did the first; and another artist did, I believe, both the third and fourth issue paintings.

The Twilight Zone at Dell—Written by Leo Dorfman

Mar-May/61(#1) Specter of Youthp: Reed Crandall  i: George Evans
The Phantom Lighthousea: Crandall
Doom by Predictiona: Crandall
Feb-Apr/62(#2) The Bridegrooma: Evans
Secret Weapona: Evans
The Joinerp: Crandall  i: Evans
May-July/62(#3) The Man from Nowherep: Mike Sekowsky  i: Frank Giacoia
Beyond the Windowp:  Sekowsky  i: Giacoia
Hard-Luck Harveyp: Joe Giella  i: Giacoia
Aug-Oct/62(#4) The Ringp: Evans  i: Frank Frazetta
The Collectorp: Evans  i: Frazetta
The Time Machinea: Evans

Just possibly the fillers (1-pagers except for "Voices" in the second issue, a 2-pager), are by Dorfman, but they're more illustrated text than comics (no dialogue), which makes the style harder to pin down. I believe some issues here, on variants I haven't seen, have additional filler pages in place of back-cover ads.

The Twilight Zone Fillers at Dell—By an Unknown Writer

Mar-May/61(#1) Journey into the Twilight Zonea: Evans
Feb-Apr/62(#2) Voices from the Twilight Zonea: Evans
Voyage into the Twilight Zonea: Evans
Calling the Twilight Zonea: Evans
May-July/62(#3) Luck in the Twilight Zonep Sekowsky  i: Giacoia?
Lost in the Twilight Zonep Sekowsky  i: Giacoia?
Aug-Oct/62(#4) Creatures from the Twilight Zonea: Evans

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