Sunday, September 18, 2011

Woolfolk Records Update 1

These are stories listed in William Woolfolk's scripting records whose publication data I hadn't tracked down when I posted the months; but with feedback from darkmark in the respective comments, I've updated the posts themselves and repeat the info (in boldface) here.

The Fawcett editors turned the Sergeant Twilight script into a Captain Midnight story easily enough with the addition of a page. (I missed it because I couldn't decipher "fossil" from Woolfolk's handwriting.)

April 1945
5 pg Ibisthe master of discord
"Music Madness" Ibis 3, Win/45

June 1945
Sergeant Twilightvanishing fossil
8 Captain Midnight"The Vanishing Fossil" Capt Mid 40, May/46

September 1945
Black Venusman tired of fighting fascism
[untitled] Contact 10, Jan/46

October 1945
Captain MarvelLantenego Street
"CM...A Good Neighbor" CM Advs 63, July/46

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