Friday, September 2, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/09

Contact Comics 10 cover
Scripts written and noted in William Woolfolk's records this month sell to Timely, Fawcett, Aviation Press, MLJ, and Quality; and two go to his own company, OW.

Five 15-page Young Allies stories written this month through November would have been meant for the team's own title, but it was cancelled and no Allies stories that length were published in other titles afterwards. The Black Venus entry I've updated with data from darkmark's comment; I hadn't tracked it down on my own. Likewise he intuited that I'd misread Woolfolk's Captain Marvel notation as "lonely witch" instead of "lovely"; I've added the publication data, like all the rest, in bold. (At this point the Captain Marvel Adventures date included month, day, and year.)

There is a 14-page Doll Man story on the notebook page, described "chess master," that went unpaid-for and that Woolfolk crossed out.

The Grand Comics Database's "Captain Marvel Junior and the Idol of Vengeance" credit to Woolfolk originated with my seeing his writing style in the 1970s DC reprint of the story.

September 1945 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

15 pg Young Alliesevangelist & the genii
Commando Yankcuriosa club
"The Curiosa Club" Wow 50, Dec/46
10 Ibisbeast in the book
"The Book of Evil" Ibis 6, Spr/48
Mad Hatter mysterygirls don't have adam's apples
"The Case of the Scornful Girl" MH 1, Jan-Feb/46
Golden Eagleace of blades
"The Ace of Blades" Contact 10, Jan/46
Black Venusman tired of fighting fascism
[untitled] Contact 10, Jan/46
Ibisthe mischievous genii
"Fairy Genii" Ibis 5, Fall/46
11 Ibisdragon of Loch Ness
"Loch Ness Dragon" Ibis 5, Fall/46
15 Young Alliesstreet of broken dreams
11 Black Hoodthe dreamer
"Sweet Dreams of Death" Black Hood 17, Win/46
Marthajewels in bon-bons
"A Box of Bon-Bons" Doll Man 13, Sum/47
Captain Marvelthe lovely witch
"CM and the World's Wickedest Witch" CM Advs 59, Apr/26/46
Fuddy & Bustleabsent minded man looks for himself
[untitled] MH 2, Sept-Oct/46
Captain Marvel Jr.idol of vengeance
"CMJ and the Idol of Vengeance" MF 7, Dec/46
Captain Marvel fictionsun people   10,000 words
33  "CM and the Sun People" CM Story Book 2, Win/47


  1. The Black Venus "man tired of fighting fascism" story is from CONTACT COMICS #10.

  2. Also, the only thing I could find near to "the lonely witch" in a Captain Marvel 7-pager from 1945-48 is "The World's Wickedest Witch" in CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #59.

  3. Black Venus updated!

    Yes, my first candidate for the witch story was "The World's Wickedest Witch." But in reading it I just can't find a trace of the "lonely" concept. It could have been edited out, of course.

  4. BTW, if you have scans of the entire "World's Wickedest Witch" story, please send 'em along...we're missing some pages. Thanks!

  5. Never mind, found a complete copy.

  6. The "lonely witch" IS "The World's Wickedest Witch". I believe "lonely" is a misread, and the word is actually "lovely". The witch in the aforementioned story does drink a potion to make herself lovely, and Woolfolk also writes 2 other stories in CMA #59. So I'm saying this is the story. Disagreements?

  7. No disagreement; that makes sense and makes it fit! I've updated that part of the post as well.