Monday, September 26, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/02

Marvel Family 9 cover
William Woolfolk wrote ten scripts this month for Fawcett and three for Timely.

Note that the editors cut one story by a page but expanded two stories.

Update: I agree with darkmark's comment about the Captain America stories; after looking through the comics themselves with his help and finding neither hide nor hair of these plots, I've relisted the stories here as unpublished.

And I had the "CM Traps a Sleepwalker" issue wrong in the original post; see again the comments.

February 1946 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

9 pg Don Winslowclimbs Mt. Everest
"DW Climbs Mt. Everest" DW 38, Sep/46
12 Captain Americalooks for an apartment
Ibisisle of monoliths
"Isle of Monoliths" Whiz 77, Aug/46
Captain Marvelmagic carpet
"The Wonderful Magic Carpet" Whiz 88, Aug/47
Captain Marvelboy pirate
"The Boy Pirate" Whiz 84, Apr/47
Captain Marvelghostly ghostwriter
"The Ghostly Ghostwriter" CM Advs 68, Dec/46
Captain Marveltraps a sleepwalker
"CM Traps a Sleepwalker" CM Advs 71, Apr/47
12 Captain Americaa rival for C.A.
Captain Marvelking of Terror Island
"The King of Terror Island" CM Advs 73, June/47
12 Captain Americamysterious card
10 Marvel FamilyCapt. Marvel's sickness
11 "CM—Invalid" MF 14, Aug/47
10 Marvel Familythe Vikings
11 "The MF and the Last Vikings" MF 9, Mar/47
Captain MarvelMarvel's record
"CM's Record" CM Advs 72, May/46


  1. I'm beginning to think that those untraced Captain America stories by Woolfolk were bought but never used. There's no story I can find that really conforms to those descriptions, and Woolfolk may have had the idea to pose Cap in the position of many returning vets, only to have it vetoed by the Powers That Be in favor of conventional action-packed stories.

  2. BTW, "Traps a Sleepwalker" is in CMA #71, not #74.

  3. I think that's possible about the Cap stories, darkmark, considering the earlier Young Allies stories that are too long to fit anywhere and that definitely must have been written off by Timely.

    I fixed the CMA notation; I can't claim a typo on the 74 when I put down that issue's date originally!