Thursday, September 22, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/01

For those who came in late: William Woolfolk kept records of the comic book scripts he sold in the Forties and Fifties; Donna Woolfolk let Marc Svensson scan the old notebook pages; and I've added publication data (in boldface) where I could, in these transcriptions.

Woolfolk January 1946 records excerpt
Scan © Marc Svensson
You'll see that Woolfolk referred to the Marvel Family as the Captain Marvel Family a few times in his notes, and I've been tacitly transcribing it as the former.

This month's stories sold to the Railroader Ray unknown company of December 1945, as well as Fawcett and Timely.

As of this posting, the Grand Comics Database entry for Mary Marvel 10 has been miscrediting the Dr. Whirro story as a 14-pager written by Otto Binder. In fact, the Dr. Whirro story by Woolfolk is 7 pages and then there's a separate 7-pager, "The Birdmobile," (the cover story) which is indeed by Binder.

I couldn't track down the Young Allies story's publication (if it was published). UPDATE: after not finding the Captain America stories (apart from "Inspector Leeds") anywhere in the comics, I've noted them as unpublished. darkmark found the "Stratosphere Treasure Hunt" publication info that I hadn't. FURTHER UPDATE: In his comment darkmark was correct about the dictator story, as an eventual look at the issue showed.

January 1946 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

14 pg Railroader Raythe race to save a child
Captain Marvelreturn of Aunt Minerva
"The Return of Aunt Minerva" CM Advs 66, Oct/46
12 Captain America24 hours to live
10 Marvel Family3 clues to fortune
"Three Clues to Fortune" MF 12, June/47
12 Captain Americaendowment to help fund C.A.
Mary Marveldead man's house
"MM and the Dead Man's House" MF 9, Mar/47
Captain Midnightstratosphere treasure hunt
"The Stratosphere Treasure Hunt" Capt Mid 45, Oct/46
Mary Marvelthe forest symphony
"Forest Symphony" MF 8, Feb/47
Captain Midnight fights a dictator
8  "Captain Midnight Fights for Freedom" Capt Mid 49, Mar/47
12  Captain America Inspector Leeds' last case
"The Last Case of Inspector Leeds"CA 60, Jan/47
Ibis Ibis on trial
"Ibis the Invincible on Trial" Whiz 78, Sep/46
Mary Marvel Dr. Whirro's future camera
"MM Meets Dr. Whirro" MM 10, Apr/47
Mary Marvel man who talked to animals
"MM and the Man Who Talks to Animals" MM 10, Apr/47
Captain Marvel butterfly hunter
"The Great Butterfly Chase" CM Advs 67, Nov/46
Young Allies mansion for murder
12  Captain America terror on the telephone


  1. "Captain Midnight fights a dictator" is probably "Captain Midnight Fights For Freedom." Unfortunately, my copy is a reprint and I don't know the issue it came from.

  2. It's frustrating that the CGD has every issue of Captain Midnight entered on the overview grid as indexed when many issues contain only the page counts (from Howard Keltner, I'm sure) and "no title indexed," "no title indexed," "no title indexed," "no title indexed."

  3. Yeah, but the problem is, none of us seem to *have* those issues, in hard copy or fiche. When we get more data, we'll enter it.

  4. But until the data is discovered and entered, don't you think the Index Status for those issues should be "Skeleton Data Only" (white on the grid) rather than "Indexed" (green)?

  5. I love the CGD, think it the best resource on the net for comic book data, and contribute to it myself. It is, in fact, a noble enterprise. But I agree with Martin: There should be a third color (perhaps light green) than indicates story titles only or "Skeleton Data Only." Perhaps a suggestion to the site is in order?

  6. "Stratosphere Treasure Hunt" appeared in CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #45.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. It's possible "Fights a Dictator" is "Utopia In the Clouds" from CM #46, though it's one page shorter than cited. Can you check it?

  9. "Utopia in the Clouds" is already accounted for; it's the Utopia in the sky story that Woolfolk wrote in October 1945.