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Woolfolk Records 1945/11

Animal Fables 1 cover
Woolfolk wrote stories for Fawcett, EC, Timely, and OW in November.

The gag pages, no payment recorded, were meant for Mad Hatter. The stories that ended up at EC had no payment recorded this month, the same as last month, and must have been paid for some time later.

Again, into 1946 Captain Marvel Adventures is published every three weeks and so dated, for instance, June 7, 1946: I shorten it as June/7/46 in the list.

"The Mad Hatter versus Humpty Dumpty" is another of the few stories bylined William Woolfolk in this era of anonymity.

UPDATE: I missed transcribing the Captain Marvel visits Baltimore story when I published the post. The Whiz Wheaties giveaway edition didn't occur to me for the Ibis devils dolls story until darkmark put his scan online in 2017. It was expanded to 8 pages from the 6 in the script.

November 1945 Comic Books Scripts by William Woolfolk

10 pg Captain Marveltrotting races
"The Great Harness Race" CM Advs 62, June/7/46
Ibisterror typewriter
"The Terror Typewriter" Whiz 81, Dec/46
Bozo the Bullmeets Salvador the matador
[untitled story] Animal Fables 1, July-Aug/46
11 Captain Marvel meets Sir Marvel
"CM Meets Sir Marvel" CM Advs 59, Apr/26/46
Hector the Inspector24 hrs to catch crooks
[untitled story] AF 1, July-Aug/46
12 Captain Marvelthe little man who wasn't there
"The Little Man Who Wasn't There" CM Advs 64, Aug/46
Ibisgoes to the races
"Ibis Goes to the Races" Whiz 74, May/46
Ibisthe devil dolls
8 "Ibis and the Devil Dolls" Whiz Comics Wheaties Miniature, 1946
Willy Weasela quiet night at home
[untitled story] AF 1, July-Aug/46
Ibisland of legends
"The Land of Legends" Whiz 82, Jan/47
gag pages
Captain MarvelSivana's jailbreaker
"Sivana's Jailbreaker" CM Advs 76, Sep/47
11 Captain Marvelhouse that time forgot
"The House That Time Forgot" CM Advs 60, May/10/46
Captain Marvelvisits Balt. & boy violin prodigy
"CM Visits Baltimore" CM Advs 68, Dec/46
11 Mad Hatterversus Humpty Dumpty
"The MH vs. Humpty Dumpty" MH 2, Sep-Oct/46
Fireflyhis fatal romance
Freddy Firefly[untitled story] AF 2, Win/46
Mad Hattercrooks trapped just by idea of MH
gag pages
15 Young Alliesroads of destiny
10  Marvel Familycase of talking dog
"The Talking Dog" MF 11, May/47
Mary Marvelquiz show
"MM and the Quizzical Crook" MF 6, Nov/46
Captain Marvel Jr.what people say actually comes true
"CMJ and the Too-True Sayings" MF 6, Nov/46
Captain Marvelman in the mirror
"The Man in the Mirror" MF 13, July/47
Captain Marvelmelancholy clown
"CM and the Melancholy Clown" MF 8, Jan/47
11  Marvel Familymakes the headlines
"The MF Makes the Headlines" MF 6, Nov/46

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