Friday, September 30, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/03

Whiz 85 cover

Stories this month are for Fawcett and Timely. The Johnny Jingle story wasn't paid for, so probably was meant for a second self-published title alongside Mad Hatter. UPDATE: Despite its not being paid for, it seems it was intended for Orbit: in an ad in Patches #4 (July 1946), Johnny Jingle is mentioned as one of the features in a comic that would never actually come out, U.S. No. 1.

The Young Allies story, again, I can't place. The moon creature story in Captain Midnight 50, written in May 1946, is a direct sequel to this moon trip one. Latest update: now that I've actually seen issue 49, I can confirm that the story was in it and not, say, 48.

UPDATE: these are the last of the ten (!) Captain America stories that, from the evidence of the comics themselves, the editors must have written off; I've relisted them as unpublished when I hadn't been sure before. And darkmark found the "Sky Tournament" Captain Midnight story after I posted without that info.

March 1946 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

12 pg Captain Americasteeplechase race
Captain Marvelis knighted
"CM Is Knighted" CM Advs 69, Feb/47
Captain Marvelclock of San Lojardo
"The Clock of San Lojardo" Whiz 85, May/47
Captain Midnightsky tournament
"The Sky Tournament" Capt Mid 53, July/47
14 Amazing Johnny Jingle2 twins who are as one
Captain Marvelthe magic ruby locket
"The Magic Locket" Whiz 83, Mar/47
Captain Marvelthe dog show
"CM Judges a Dog Show" CM Advs 72, May/47
12 Captain Americawoman who gave away money
Young Alliesbutler's & maid's ball
Marvel Mystery [thru 83, July/47]
Ibislonely Triton
"The Lonely Triton" Whiz 86, June/46
Captain Midnighttrip to the moon
"Trip to the Moon" Capt Mid 49, Mar/47


  1. The only one that Young Allies story could be is "Terror at Twilight" from MARVEL MYSTERY #83. But that's an ish I don't have, so there's no telling if that's the story or if it's one of the ones bought but unpublished by Timely.

  2. At least the Captain Midnight stories (in public domain) we can hope someone will scan onto the Digital Comic Library eventually; most Golden Age Marvel stuff, I don't expect to ever see for myself.

  3. "The Sky Tournament" comes from CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #53.

  4. I've updated this month and January 1946 with your Captain Midnight info, darkmark; thanks!