Friday, January 23, 2015

Superman Writer Woolfolk. But Probably Not the One You Expected.

A quarter of a century ago I IDed a number of William Woolfolk's Superman stories. His records later showed, however, that I'd mistakenly attributed too many stories to him—some from before and some from after he actually worked on the character.

On the earlier stories, it turns out that my Woolfolk ID was just given to the wrong Woolfolk. Compare these panels from "Super-Cowboy" with those from Dorothy Woolfolk's "Hardboiled Heart" in Love Diary in the previous post.

Action 134 'Oh, glory' 'Oh, golly'

In places such as Steranko's History of Comics it's been told that Dorothy was writing Lois Lane stories when William started writing Superman. That made people assume it was around 1946, since that's when the Lois Lane back-up strip in Superman ended. Actually, it was a few years later: she was writing the Superman strip, with a number of Lois-centered stories in the mix (not unlike the other writers, of course; recall that "Lois Lane, Cavegirl" in Action 129 is by Alvin Schwartz). Those Lois Lane back-ups' writers are accounted for: Don Cameron on some, Whitney Ellsworth on others.

This is my first pass on IDing Dorothy Woolfolk's Superman stories in Action; I'm looking over Superman too. The stories I misIDed as William's that fall after his actual run belong to a third hand.

Superman in Action Comics
Scripts by Dorothy Woolfolk

Jun/49 #133  The World's Most Perfect Girl
Jul/      #134  Super-Cowboy
Jan/50  #140  Superman Becomes a Hermit
Apr/     #143  The Bride of Superman
Jun/     #145  Merton Gloop and His Magic Horseshoe
Jul/      #146  The Statues That Came to Life
Nov/     #150  The Secret of the 6 Superman Statues


  1. Martin, Paul Talbot apparently wrote a number of Superman scripts for DC during 1948-52 (also Batman, Robin, Aquaman and Green Arrow).

    As far as I know, none have ever been attributed to him, however.

  2. Lee, I found a few of his Green Arrow stories, at any rate, working from his one known story, the Nighthawk one in WESTERN COMICS 20, but that paper list is in storage. I never did run across any of his Superman or Batman stories. Something for the future!

  3. Actually, it was a few years later: she was writing the Superman strip, with a number of ...