Friday, January 30, 2015

Mary Marvel's Final Artist at Fawcett

In 1948 Mary Marvel loses her strip in Wow Comics to Tom Mix and even has her own book retitled and taken over by another screen cowboy, Monte Hale. She remains a member of the Marvel Family, of course, and her solo strip continues as a backup in Marvel Family into 1951.

Her final penciller there is Pete Riss. There seem to be a number of inkers—or finishers—some obscuring his style more than others. On this page from "Mary Marvel Fights the Likeness Peril" the woman in green, especially in the middle tier (note her arms), is the best example of Riss's pencils.

Marvel Family 58

There are no Mary Marvel strips in 52, 56, and 59, as those issues' Marvel Family stories are full-length. The Mary story in 51, like the Marvel Family lead, seems to be out of inventory from a number of years earlier.

Mary Marvel in Marvel Family
Penciled by Pete Riss

Jul/50 49  MM and the Adult Children
Aug/     50  MM Battles the Melody of Crime
Nov/     53  MM Battles the Evil Exterminator
Dec/     54  MM Battles the Predatory Plants
Jan/51 55  MM and the Miser of Resources
Mar/     57  MM Battles the Collector of Hate
Apr/     58  MM Fights the Likeness Peril
Jun/     60  MM and the Man Who Killed with Kindness

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