Friday, January 16, 2015

Dorothy Woolfolk's Early Entries in Love Diary

Since some of Dorothy Woolfolk's Love Diary scripts (in #17-19) were noted in William Woolfolk's records because he'd supplied the plots, I was able to get a handle on her writing style. I've mentioned that one of his pet expressions was "Good glory"; one of hers is "Oh, glory." She uses "Oh" in other expressions like "Oh, golly" and "Oh, (name). Dorothy does use "Good glory" herself once or twice. These panels are from "Hardboiled Heart" in #6.

Love Diary 6 'Oh, glory' and 'Oh, golly'

These are the stories that I'm quite sure of at this point. There are others I might add later when I get an even better handle on her style (in other words, beyond those particular expressions); I have fifteen more stories from #1-10 down with a question mark after her name. From his records we know that William had two stories in #8 and one in #10. There are other writers on the comic; for instance, there's a run of the Prescription for Happiness feature all by the same writer.

UPDATE: I thought I might be retconning Dorothy (Roubicek) Woolfolk's name at this point, but Jake Oster tells me she married William in September 1948.

Love Diary scripts by
Dorothy Woolfolk included in #1-10

Nov/49 #3  Afraid to Love
Not My Decision to Make
Jan/50 #4  I Lied to My Heart
Movie Crazy [SALLY WEEKS]
Mar/     #5  She Wanted My Man [A NURSE CONFESSES]
Stolen Kisses
May/     #6  Love Tyrant
Hardboiled Heart
Too Sure of My Man [SALLY WEEKS]
Oct/     #9  Too Young to Love

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