Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1951/01

Captain MArvel Jr. 100 cover
January 1951 stories go to Fawcett, Quality, and Orbit.

"Back Alley Girl" and "I Was a Slave to Tradition" were plotted at 2 pages each by William Woolfolk and published at 13 pages and 8, respectively, after Dorothy Woolfolk scripted from the plots.

"Story breakdown" is probably the same as Russell Carley's "script continuity" for Michael Fleisher at DC in the Seventies—helping a writer turn his or her plot into panel-by-panel scenes before the scripting. The scripter noted here, Miles K., would have to be the Miles Cahn with the byline on text fiction pieces in Love Diary 15-16 and The Westerner 35-36. Prescription for Happiness is the recurring short feature whose individual installments are untitled.

UPDATE: darkmark found the Monte Hale bandit stronghold story.

January 1951 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg   Monte Hale the bandit stronghold
"MH Invades the Bandit Stronghold" Western Hero 106, Sept/51
12  Arizona Raines outlaw's land
"Free Land!" Crack Western 73, July/51
11  Diamonds of Death jewel smuggling racket
"Diamonds of Death" Wanted 38, June/51
Ibis Karnak & the termite men
"Ibis and the Termite Men" Whiz 137, Sept/51
Captain Marvel Jr. Sivana Jr. & glacial age Chapter I
"CMJ and Sivana Jr.'s Cold War" [Chapter I] CMJ 100, Aug/51
story breakdown for Miles K a gal whose boy is called by the draft
[untitled Prescription for Happiness] Love Diary 17, June/51
plot for Dorothy I was a slum girl
13  "Back Alley Girl" L Diary 17, June/51
Captain Marvel Jr. Chapter II—death of Freddy Freeman
"CMJ and Sivana Jr.'s Cold War" [Chapter II] CMJ 100, Aug/51
Captain Marvel Jr. Chapter III—Sivana Jr., prince of universe
"CMJ and Sivana Jr.'s Cold War" [Chapter III] CMJ 100, Aug/51
The Survivor shipwrecked man kills for water—when there is fresh water all around him
"The Survivor" Wanted 38, June/51
12  Blackhawk battles the aerial circus
11  "Death Patrol" BH 46, Nov/51
plot for Dorothy girl with old family traditions & modern guy
"I Was a Slave to Tradition" L Diary 17, June/51
Wild Bill Pecos return of Lobo, the wolf boy
"The Return of Lobo the Wolf Boy" The Westerner 37, June/51
Monte Hale the lost homestead
"The Mystery of the Lost Homestead" Western Hero 108, Nov/51
10  Wild Bill Pecos curse of Ashtor
"The Curse of Ashtor" The Westerner 38, July/51


  1. "The Mystery of the Lost Homestead" was in WESTERN HERO #108, not MONTE HALE WESTERN. Haven't tracked the other Monte story, though.

  2. Good catch; I've corrected it. I had the story entered under WESTERN HERO on my own index of Fawcett Westerns, but must have been daydreaming here.

  3. I'd almost bet that the other Monte story comes from WESTERN HERO #106, but with no copy or data to check, we can't be sure.

  4. I'm crossing my fingers for the day when scans of Monte Hale's comics flood the public domain sites, but I probably shouldn't hold my breath at the same time. Who knows, though? I was pleasantly surprised by all those LOVE DIARIES not long ago..

  5. "The Bandit Stronghold" is indeed from WESTERN HERO #106.