Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/12

Crack Western 73 cover

William Woolfolk's records book shows stories for Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality this month.

He plots another story (a romance, judging by other months) for Dorothy Woolfolk to script.

He receives an end-of-the-year bonus from one of the companies: $75, the equivalent of an average story. I'll guess it's Orbit—in a house ad they boast of their highly-paid editorial staff, which listed in some books includes the writers and artists.

Woolfolk has already done an "Ibistick Fails" story, published in Whiz 92, but it's a completely different plot.

December 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

10 pg  Ibis the Ibistick fails
"The Ibistick Fails" Whiz 135, July/51
12  Wild Bill Pecos the outlaw train
"The Outlaw Train" The Westerner 36, May/51
Captain Marvel Jr. tunnel to the future
"CMJ and the Tunnel to the Future" CMJ 99, July/51
12  Loan Shark Racket family man crook
"The Loan Shark Boss" Wanted 37, May/51
Arizona Raines the phantom stagecoach
"The Phantom Stagecoach" Crack Western 73, July/51
Hitchhiker murderer takes the identity of another—also murderer
"Hitch Hiker" Wanted 37, May/51
Captain Marvel Jr. battles Big Smoky
10  "CMJ Battles Big Smoky" CMJ 102, Oct/51
Dorothy story Love Diary
Monte Hale the demons in the hayloft
"MH and the Uninvited Demons" Western Hero 105, Aug/51
12  Wild Bill Pecos land of the pygmy Indians
"Land of the Pygmy Indians" The Westerner 37, June/51

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