Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jim Aparo Wasn't There

Back in this post I posited Jim Aparo as the artist of "The Sinister Stone" in Worlds of Fantasy 11 (Apr/58) from Martin Goodman's company, once Atlas and later Marvel. It would have been his first work in comics before coming to Charlton in the later Sixties.

I was seeing something that wasn't there. I proved myself wrong when I found that the most Aparo-like panel (and that mostly in the inks) is a swipe from Ruben Moreira's story "The Glitter of Doom" in DC's House of Mystery 58 (Jan/57). I haven't seen Aparo swipe other comics. So I'll defer to Doc V.'s attribution of Ed Winiarski on "The Sinister Stone."

Worlds of Fantasy 11 and House of Mystery 58 panels

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