Friday, February 3, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1953/12

Buster Crabbe 4 panels: Buster finds shaven-headed corpse floating down the river

DC, Orbit, and Lev Gleason are still Woolfolk's publishers.

A few romance stories at Orbit on this month's list may not have been published (although all were paid for); I can't track them down.

UPDATE: darkmark supplied the faithless fiancé and guns-to-gangland stories' dispositions as well as the mother chasing away boyfriends one.

December 1953 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg Buster Crabbecase of the bald-headed corpses
"The Strange Case of the Shaven Heads" BC 4, June-July/54
The Man I Couldn't Trustgirl thinks her fiance is faithless
"The Man I Couldn't Trust" Love Journal 24, May/54
Mystothe conquerors of crime
"The Conquerors of Crime" Detective 207, May/54
Small Town Lovergal bored with small town, runs away to circus
Love Diary or L Journal or [unpublished]
The Gun Runnersman who sells guns to gangland
"The Gang War Murders" Crime and Punishment 68, July/54
SOS for Lovegirl's mother chases away boyfriends—by implying marriage
L Journal 24, May/54
10 Superboyadopts, unwillingly, a space pet
"The Pet from Outer Space" Superboy 33, June/54


  1. Wondering if "Small Town Lover" isn't "Small Town Girl" from DIARY SECRETS #23?

  2. The Gun Runners is probably "The Gang War Murders" from CRIME AND PUNISHMENT #68.

    1. It is DEFINITELY "The Gang War Murders".

  3. Forget first comment. "Small Town Lover" is "I Wanted Excitement" from LOVE DIARY #43.

  4. "The Man I Couldn't Trust" is from LOVE JOURNAL #24.

  5. "The Gang War Murders" and "The Man I Couldn't Trust" are spot-on, but I wonder if "I Wanted Excitement" in LOVE DIARY 43 (which I haven't seen) may not be a reprint of the same-titled story in LD 1 from 1949.

  6. The SOS For Love is from LOVE JOURNAL #24.

  7. So it is--when #24 got online in 2015 I didn't make the connection back here. Thanks!