Monday, February 6, 2012

Ben Casey and Dazzler Writer

I worked out Carl Memling's writing style by finding the writer who worked on both Jungle War Stories and Ghost Stories at Dell; the Who's Who has him listed on those two.

For a doctor series like Dell's Ben Casey TV tie-in, ambulance sirens are just as helpful in determining the writer as the police car sirens in Adam-12. Memling's sirens go "Rowrrr," whereas Paul S. Newman's go "Areeeee," John Warner's "Whee-eee," and Leo Dorfman's "Howwweeee."

The Who's Who lists both Frank McLaughlin and Dick Giordano as Ben Casey inkers. Giordano may be helping on the ones where I see mostly McLaughlin work.

I didn't list the single-page featurettes (they may or may not have been written by Memling), but Norman J. Nodel initialed the inside back cover of #4, "They Were First," as "NJN," as he likewise initialed Bachelor Father and Barbie and Ken pages. Here's a sequence from that issue's Ben Casey story; recall that Nodel drew a certain spy movie adaptation in 1962...

Ben Casey 4 panels: Casey confronts Sean Connery lookalike

Ben Casey—Written by Carl Memling

July/62#1 The Man Who Hated the World...a: Norman Nodel
Oct/62#2 Bite the Hand...a: Nodel
Dec/62#3 The Killinga: Nodel
Feb/63#4 Terror at 59 Westa: Nodel
Apr/63#5 Fight Fire with Ice...a: Nodel
June/63#6 Three against Tiberiusa: Gene Colan
Oct/63#7 One Disasterp: John Tartaglione  i: Vince Colletta
Jan/64#8 You Could Die Laughinga: Colan
Dec/64#9 The Troubler Makerp: Tartaglione  i: Frank McLaughlin
Aug/65#10 Danger on the Wardp: Tartaglione  i: McLaughlin

The Dazzler I mentioned in the post title isn't Marvel's Disco Dazzler. The Ben Casey back-up series stars a young intern.

The GCD suggests Vince Colletta as penciller as well as inker on #7's Dazzler story (it certainly isn't Tartaglione), but since I've never seen Colletta's pencils that I know of, I can't say yes or no.

Dr. Dan Dazzler—Written by Carl Memling—in Ben Casey

Oct/62#2 Dial Emergency...a: Nodell
Dec/62#3 Rumble!a: Nodell
Feb/63#4 One Heartbeat from Deatha: Nodell
Apr/63#5 Deadly Playmatesa: Nodell
June/63#6 Open-Shut Casea: Colan
Oct/63#7 9 Lives Has Dr. Dazzlerp: ?  i: Colletta
Jan/64#8 I Can't Breathea: Colan


  1. So who do you think did the 2nd and 3rd Ben Casey stories in the last 2 issues?

  2. And does this mean that we'll be seeing who wrote the Ghost Rider coming up?

  3. darkmark, I let the first chapter title stand for the three-parter's title in both 9 and 10; Memling, Tartaglione, and McLaughlin did the entire issues. If those sections could be read out of order and the issue still make any sense, I'd agree that they're stories; but they're so interconnected that they didn't register on me as anything but chapters, unnumbered as in any number of Dell comics. Sorry for the confusion!

    SangorShop, I've been looking for Carl Memling's 50s work at ME and such, but so far I've come up short. I guess I haven't seen enough issues--so far it's been just some of AC's reprints.

  4. Martin - try the Digital Comic Museum out (use the preview button to just read the story). The Jolly Jim Dandy stories are said to be by Melming.
    then try Ghost Rider and B-Bar-B.

  5. SangorShop, at some point I'll try to look--I won't promise when!