Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twilight Zone 16-20 Writers

These are my IDs of the writers of most of the stories in the next five issues of Gold Key's Twilight Zone. "TZ 2" and "TZ 3" did earlier stories ("TZ 1" didn't write any more stories that I've seen, after the earliest issues); I can't put names to them.

I defer to the Grand Comics Database for the art attributions—except for the Jerry Grandenetti pencils credited to ghost-employer Joe Orlando. "Nightmare for an Astronaut," "The Man Who Mastered Yoga" (one of its panels is shown here), and "The Plague" were pencilled by Grandenetti. Orlando merely inked them. Orlando did pencil "The Masquerader."
TZ 19 panel: pencils by Grandenetti, inks by Orlando

The Twilight Zone 16-20 Writers

July/66#16 Nightmare for an AstronautDick Wood
The Ghost Gunner"TZ 3"
The Wisdom of the Beast *"TZ 2"
The Perfect CriminalLeo Dorfman
When the Ball Is OverPaul S. Newman
Sept/66#17 The MasqueraderDorfman
Once upon a Dream"TZ 3"
He Walked on Water *"TZ 2"
The Ship That Knew *"TZ 3"
Crystal Clear"TZ 3"
Mars: Dead or AliveWood
Nov/66#18 Second-Hand ClothesDorfman?
When the Lights Go OutDorfman
Dead Man's Train *"TZ 3"?
The Man in the Green Coat *"TZ 3"?
Programmed VacationWood
The ImpressionistWood?
Strange Reunion *Dorfman
Jan/67#19 The Crime-a-Day TownWood
Into Worlds Beyond"TZ 3"
Big-Foot *"TZ 3"?
The Man Who Mastered Yoga     ?
Our Man on Planet ErgoWood
Mar/67#20 The PlagueDorfman
The ProdigyDorfman
The Day That Couldn't Get Lost     ?
The PortalDorfman
* (single-page stories)


  1. Wonder if one of the missing writers could be George S. Elrick?

  2. I'm familiar with Elrick's name from his Big Little Books and such for Western, but I'd never heard he wrote comics. There are even more writers I can't ID in the issues ahead before ones like Wein, Drake, and Warner come aboard.