Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Woolfolk Records Update 3

The William Woolfolk script records were scanned some time ago by Marc Svensson, through the good graces of Donna Woolfolk. I've been working off the scans that Marc dug out on CD storage after some looking, and now we come to a break in that currently accessible data. My next Woolfolk post will jump ahead into his last year's worth of work in comic books, in mid-1953. I certainly wouldn't have been able to start blogging steadily this year without standing on Marc's shoulders, so to speak!

On the updates: I misread Woolfolk's Captain Marvel notation as "lonely witch" and couldn't quite fit that description to any story; darkmark pointed out that "lovely witch" would fit "World's Wickedest Witch."

darkmark supplied the publication info for the Captain Midnight stories, and he caught my mixup on the Mary Marvel story almost as soon as I posted (I had misread my own info as Marvel Family 19 when I rewrote it into my blog format). The untitled Manhunter story in Woolfolk's style that I since found in Police 52 fits on the July 1945 page; the first of the two Manhunters next written in August (Houdini under water) was published in issue 53.

In my intro to the May 1947 records I said: "Tales of Terror! by Fred von Bernewitz and Grant Geissman says of Moon Girl that 'in a 1955 interview, Bill Gaines recalled that Dorothy Rubichek wrote the earliest stories. Rubichek, incidentally, was the wife of long-time Gaines friend William Woolfolk.' (The correct spelling is Roubichek.)" Update: on the facing page in Tales of Terror! I find: "(Harry Harrison) tells how he actually wrote scripts that his wife signed and submitted to EC." So I suppose Gaines was remembering correctly who submitted the Woolfolk stories, but I have no idea why at least two writers felt they needed fronts.

July 1945
10 pg Manhunter[untitled] Police 52, Mar/46

August 1945
10 Manhunterthe falcons of death
"The Vengeance" Police 56, July/46
September 1945
Captain Marvelthe lovely witch
"CM and the World's Wickedest Witch" CM Advs 59, Apr/26/46
January 1946
Captain Midnightstratosphere treasure hunt
"The Stratosphere Treasure Hunt" Capt Mid 45, Oct/46
March 1946
Captain Midnightsky tournament
"The Sky Tournament" Capt Mid 53, July/47
March 1947
Mary Marvelenchanted forest
6 "MM in the Enchanted Forest" MM 19, Dec/47

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