Monday, December 5, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1947/05

Moon Girl 1 cover
Fawcett, Timely, Quality, and EC bought this month's stories.

The Greek god of mischief in "Skullface" is a statue named Eloc, although Jack Cole neither wrote nor drew this story.

Tales of Terror! by Fred von Bernewitz and Grant Geissman says of Moon Girl that "in a 1955 interview, Bill Gaines recalled that Dorothy Rubichek wrote the earliest stories. Rubichek, incidentally, was the wife of long-time Gaines friend William Woolfolk." (The correct spelling is Roubichek.) Moral: approach publishers' and editors' recollections with caution!

Tales of Terror! credits the Land of the Lost story's author as Isabel Manning Hewson. As creator of the radio show, she got a byline on all the stories, like Bob Kane on Batman.

Where did the Blonde Phantom story appear, if it was cut from 12 pages and published after all?

May 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg Mary Marvelher first boy friend
"MM and the Boy Matador" Marvel Family 18, Dec/47
12 Captain Americathe Jester
"The Menace of Mirth" CA 65, Jan/48
11 Doll ManDarrel Dane, private dick
"Darrel Dane, Private Detective" Feature 120, Mar/48
Ibissword of Genghis Khan
"The Sword of Genghis Khan" Whiz 93, Jan/48
12 Captain Americasplits with Bucky
"When Friends Turn Foes" CA 65, Jan/48
Captain Marvelinferiority complex
"CM's Inferiority Complex" CM Advs 80, Jan/48
12 Blonde Phantominnocent girl in gambling racket
11 Doll Manthe Hag's gun running
"The Hag" Feature 121, Apr/48
Hector the Inspectorhaunted house
Land of the Lostanimated pencils
"The Pencilvania Pirates" LOTL 9, Spr/48
Captain Marvelmeets the weatherman
"The Weathermen" CM Advs 80, Jan/48
15 Plastic ManSkullface & Greek god of mischief
"Skullface" Police 77, Apr/48
12 Sub-Marinerlost atoll of treasure
"The Lost Atoll" Marvel Mystery 87, Aug/48
Moon Girlchampion lady wrestler
"Introducing MG and the Prince" MG 1, Fall/47
also in Happy Houlihans 1, Fall/47 and Animal Fables 7, Nov-Dec/47
Captain Marvel Jr.magic ladder
"The Magic Ladder" CMJ 57, Jan/48


  1. I can't find a Blonde Phantom story anywhere near that length that depicts an innocent girl with gamblers (there was a 6-or-so pager with an innocent girl and some crooks, but I don't think it's the same), so I'll go out on a limb and say I think it's an unpubbed story.

  2. Hector The Inspector shows up at St. John in 1949 (see Top Flight) and reprints of the Animal Fables guys show up in Decker's books (Decker was a former partner in St. John). Is the 1949 stories reprints or might this story be there? MSU has a copy, is Randy S. still there?

  3. I see by the cover scan that Hector gets not only the illustration on Top-Flight #1 but a big title-area logo. Like you, SangorShop, I hope someone can shed a light on the insides.

  4. Randy S quickly sent me an index of Top Flight - which I sent to you. Looks like all reprints. Oh well...