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Woolfolk Records 1947/08

Namora 1 cover
Fawcett, EC, Quality, and Timely bought William Woolfolk's scripts this month.

The Jester sleepatorium story reuses the same general idea as the Black Hood story written in June 1945, although this story's plot is simpler. Both strips, as it happens, involve a superhero with a secret identity as a patrolman and with a superior named McGinty.

I couldn't find the Captain America meets the Dummy story. Not only was the CA death doll story cut by two pages, but in it Bucky had to be rewritten into Golden Girl (who first appears in her costumed identity in a story to be written in September 1947 by Woolfolk).

UPDATE: I'd forgotten that Moon Girl had one story in International Comics; it seems the only place this one would fit.

August 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

9 pg Captain Marvel's largest dog
"The World's Largest Dog" Master 89, Mar/48
Moon Girlman lives beyond death
"Beauty and the Beast" International 6, Spr/48
11 Doll Mansuicide club
"The Suicide Club" Feature 122, May/48
Captain Marvelloses weight
"The Streamlining of CM" CM Advs 82, Mar/48
10 Sub-Marinerisland beneath the sea
"The Kingdom beneath the Sea" Namora 1, Aug/48
12 Captain Americadollmaker & his dolls
10 "The Enigma of the Death Doll" CA 68, Sept/48
11 Doll Mana million dollar corpse
"A Million Dollar Corpse" Feature 123, June/48
12 Captain Americameets the Dummy
12 Plastic Manloses his power
"Spadehead" PM 12, July/48
Captain Marveland the bobby-soxer
"CM Cuts a Rug" CM Advs 83, Apr/48
IbisCharon's death boat
"The Land of Death" Whiz 96, Apr/48
Captain Marvelworld of tomorrow
"The World of Tomorrow" CM Advs 83, Apr/48
Jestersleepatorium crimes
[untitled] Smash 78, Aug/48

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