Thursday, July 23, 2015

Double Date with Millie

The first tier above is the beginning of a one-page gag (in Millie the Model 32, Jan/52); the second tier comes from the top of a two-page piece ("What Makes Millie Mad?" in A Date with Millie 6, Aug/60). Stan Lee creates a splash page for the latter by—what do you think?—recycling again; in this case a cover gag from just the previous year (Millie 92, Sept/59). He adds a bit to connect them that may or may not be new.

Stan recycles Millie titles even more frequently than storylines; "A Peach at the Beach" turns up on three stories besides the one listed below. "Bedlam at the Beach" he uses twice within two issues: Life with Millie 12 and 13. "Beauty at the Beach" he uses twice within one issue: for a one-page gag and then a full story in Millie the Model 105.

A Date with Millie, the companion title to Millie the Model, changes its title to Life with Millie with #8.

Stories in A Date with Millie
reworking earlier scripts

Dec/59 [taking up a collection gag]
    from MILLIE 29 2nd 1-page gag
[art museum gag]
    from MILLIE 32 3rd 1-page gag
[the man in the tuxedo]
    from MILLIE 29 The Scheme
Jun/60 "The Burpi-Cola Beauts"
    from MILLIE 29 "Meet Miss Burpi-Cola"
Aug/     "A Peach at the Beach"
    from MILLIE 32 1st story

"Millie's Merry Pin-Up" [soda gag]
    from MILLIE 21 cover
"What Makes Millie Mad?"
    from MILLIE 92 cover for splash
    and MILLIE 32 5th 1-page gag for story
Oct/     "And That's No Bull"
    from MILLIE 39 Chili story
"Millie's Secret Admirer"
    from MILLIE 42 2nd Millie story

in Life with Millie

Dec/     "The Restless Rassler"
    from MILLIE 39 2nd Millie story
"Chili Dates a Star"
    from MILLIE 32 Chili story

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